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Republicans lied in Wisconsin: Here`s how you understand the state`s voter ID law is a total sham

No guideline in politics is absolute, however, generally speaking, you d be well served to keep this one in mind: If a politician is not willing to invest money on something they say they support, then their support has to do with as genuine as Santa Claus.

Unless you see politics as absolutely nothing more than an entertaining pastime for overeducated squares who weren`t cute enough to make it in Hollywood i.e., you actually anticipate nerd senior prom, God help you then the point of the whole venture is to purchase big things done.

That s not constantly the case; and in some cases the rejection includes turning down money, too. (See: the Affordable Care Act s Medicaid expansion.).


All which is to state something that s been said about politics countless times already, and will no doubt be rehashed and once again and again: Talk is cheap. And inexpensive is something that public policy if it s excellent, at least normally is not.

So when you read this report from Pro Publica s Sarah Smith, exactly what it needs to tell you, as if you didn t know already, is that the legislature in Wisconsin couldn t care less when it concerns enhancing its elections. Because that is not exactly what its voter ID law is about:.

On April 5, when voters cast tallies in Wisconsin s Republican and Democratic primaries, the state s questionable voter ID costs will face its biggest test since Governor Scott Walker signed it into law in 2011. For the very first time in a significant election, people will be required to show approved kinds of recognition in order to vote. The law mandates that the state run a public-service project in combination with the first routinely scheduled primary and election to educate voters on exactly what forms of ID are appropriate.

Wisconsin has actually failed to proper funds for the public education project. The outcome is that thousands of residents might be turned away from the polls just because they did not comprehend exactly what kind of recognition they needed to vote.

Doesn t look too suitable for those who say that, contrary to Democrats claims, voter ID laws are not planned to reduce the Democratic vote, does it? Well, it becomes worse.

Because this isn t a case of bureaucratic miscommunication; this isn t about the state federal government s left hand not understanding exactly what its right-hand man is doing. According to Smith s reporting, the choice to supply a statewide education project with all of absolutely no dollars was about as intentional-looking as it gets:.

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